Welcome to Elliott Forensic Consulting

Dr Simon Elliott is the founder and Director of Elliott Forensic Consulting Ltd. Utilising over 25 years’ experience as a forensic practitioner as well as business leader, owner and global advisor, Elliott Forensic Consulting offers a range of services for business professionals, organisations and corporations. It is recognised that there are many business consultants and approaches to business but with a unique experience and view, Elliott Forensic Consulting provides business consultancy but with a forensic eye.

What is business consultancy with a forensic eye?

It is the application of principles employed in forensic science to business strategies and scenarios.

Principles employed include;

  • Peer review, including alternative views
  • Looking at all potential scenarios and options
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear and concise advice

Alternative views in particular can help with determining next steps, new strategies or alternative directions especially if an impasse has been reached, what could be referred to as “business block”.